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The Sheriff’s Department is responsible for housing those individuals that have been charged with misdemeanor and felony charges.  Once booked and housed in the jail, these individuals are considered inmates. 

The jail is currently state certified for 386 inmates.  The jail is comprised of an intake area where inmates are booked into the jail computer system.  Once booked, inmates are classified and housed accordingly.

Lastly, male inmates charged with felonies are housed in the maximum security portion of the jail.  This area consists of individual cells housing inmates with similar charges.  Inmates in the max pod remain in their cells except while out on recreation. 

Below is a veiw into our jail:

Booking Area
This is the booking area, this is where those in custody are booked into the jail computer system.  The booking process includes taking personal information from the detainee, fingerprinting, and photographing.

Holding Cell
Holding cell within booking area.

Female Pod
The female pod houses all female inmates.  Inmates are separated by misdemeanor and felony charges and are housed with other inmates that have similar charges.

Male Misdemeanor Inmates 
Male inmates are housed in one of three areas.  This area is where those inmates with misdemeanor charges are housed, that are able to participate in work programs.

Maximum Security Area
This is a picture of the maximum security area from the top tier.  Note the doors to the individual cells where the inmates are housed.

Maximum Security Cell
Interior of a cell in maximum security.

This is the kitchen where inmates are allowed to work and prepare the meals for the balance of the jail population.

Laundry Room
View of the laundry room where inmate laundry is done in industrial washers and dryers.

Nurse Station
Exam room inside the clinic.





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