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The Maury County Beer Board issues beer permits. The county legislative body appoints individuals to its beer board. The Maury County Commission decided to allow its Health and Environment Committee to serve as its beer board.

The county legislative bodies decide upon the distance rules that the State has allowed the counties to enact. The State allows counties to enact a rule keeping beer permits within 2000 feet of churches, schools or other places of assembly. Counties can also enact a 300 foot rule for residential property. Maury County has enacted a 2000 foot rule. It has not enacted a 300 foot rule for residences.

**Applications for beer permits are submitted to the County Clerk's Office.  Applicants should sign application upon arrival at Clerk's office, so that signatures may be notarized.

Permits - To Whom Issued

Permitted Location

Beer Permits Issued by County 

Beer Permit Application

Application Fee for Beer Permit 

Background Checks 

Public Notice of Applications and Hearings

Denial of Beer Permits

On Premises or Off Premises Consumption 

Expiration of Beer Permits
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