Bicycle Team

The Bicycle Team is comprised of Deputies Mike Cook, Jonathan Stanfill, and Tracy Duke. These officers work in the SRO Unit and can be deployed to special events, parades, neighborhoods, etc. Additionally, they are available to teach Maury County children about bicycle safety. All of the equipment used by the Bike Team, including the bicycles themselves, were purchased using Federal Grant funds under the 2004 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG).

Bicycle Rodeo

In 2015 during the first annual bicycle rodeo, kids learned several different aspects of bicycle safety including bicycle maintenance, navigating city streets, proper hand signals and navigating obstacles. Here in the picture Officer Cook is explaining how to safely navigate on city streets that are equipped with cross walk buttons.

We are looking at turning this into an assembly that we will take to different schools during the school year instead of on a Saturday in one location to hopefully get higher participation.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Collage
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