Inmate Visitation

Please read carefully our policy has changed.


Inmates housed in the Maury County Jail will be permitted visitation one hour per week. Video visitation is currently offered by VendEngine.


  1.        Visitation schedule will be as follows:
    1. North Side: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
    2. Main/Max/Females: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
    3. Visitors will log in from the kiosks in the North Side Visitation Room. Inmates will log in from the kiosks located in their assigned areas.
    4. There is a limit of 4 visitors per inmate at a time.
    5. An approved adult visitor must accompany the inmate's children and visitors under the age of 18.
    6.  Visitor identification is required and visitors must sign in and state whom they wish to visit. All visitors must sign out after the visit. Visitors may visit for a maximum of one hour at a time.
    7. Visitors may be denied for refusal to register, submit to search or for violation of established rules If probable cause exists for search to be performed on a visitor, documentation must be submitted detailing reasons for search and results of search.
    8. The Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Captain and/or Jail Supervisor must approve visitation that takes place at times other than during regular visiting hours.

      Applicants will be screened for any criminal history. Convicted felons will not be allowed visitation or anyone currently undergoing any felony charges. Anyone who has been incarcerated at the facility within the last 90 days will not be allowed to visit.

Purpose of Visitation

Incarceration can be a traumatic experience for the person incarcerated as well as his/her family. Visitation can help ease the pain associated with incarceration. Through visitation, everyone benefits, including the staff. Visitation can ease tension which in turn helps us provide a safer, more secure living and working environment.

However, visitation can at times create a problem when the purpose of a visit based on a "negative," rather than a positive. Some family members may elect to use their visitation to criticize rather than to provide emotional support. Although it is not our objective to censor visitation dialogue, we will not allow visitation to jeopardize the safety of our facility or alter the secure environment which we provide.

We have established these rules to help assure the safety and security of our facility and compliance with these rules required.

Dress Code for Visitors

Visitors must wear either pants or knee-length shorts, skirts or dresses. Short shorts, cut-offs, spandex, or stretch type material is not permitted. Tank tops or halter tops are not allowed, nor are clothes with holes in them. Clothing must not expose any cleavage. You will be expected to wear appropriate garments. Anyone wearing clothing that is excessively large or excessively small will not be allowed to visit.

You will not be allowed to take large coats, baby strollers, car seats, food, bags or purses of any kind, tobacco products, lighters or weapons (including pocket knives) into the visitation area. Please leave the larger items in your vehicle if possible.

Zero Tolerance Drug Policy

Any person found in the possession of an illegal substance while on the premises of the Maury County Sheriff's Department will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This shall include federal laws governing the introduction of contraband into a penal facility.

Language & Conduct Limitations

We require that you conduct yourself appropriately while you are on our premises. There is to be no disruptive behavior or profane language. Violation of the policy will result in loss of visitation privileges for 2 weeks.

If, for any reason, a visitor disrupts or disrespects any staff member, he/she will be instructed to leave the premises. Failure to leave premises when instructed may result in charges related to the visitor's actions.