Online Payments

If you are paying a traffic ticket please be sure it was given to you by a State Trooper (TN Highway Patrol) or the Maury County Sheriff’s Department as we DO NOT handle traffic tickets given by the City of Columbia Police Department, City of Mt. Pleasant Police Department or the City of Spring Hill Police Department. If you are unsure please contact our office.

It is important to make the correct payment selections - Paying to the wrong Court will result in a rejection of the payment and delay the payment process.

To make a payment online please be careful to choose the correct Court to ensure your payment is processed timely. Once you click on PAY MY BILL and select the option to MAKE A PAYMENT you will be prompted to select the State (TN) then the county be sure to select either MAURY COUNTY CIRCUIT/GENERAL SESSIONS I COLUMBIA if your case is in Columbia or MAURY COUNTY GENERAL SESSIONS 2/MT. PLEASANT if your case is in Mt. Pleasant General Sessions Court. You will then be prompted to select the correct Court. 

To make a payment online please be careful to choose the correct Court.


Please make sure to select the correct Court. Paying to the wrong Court will delay the payment process.

Our Office handles traffic citations issued by the Tennessee Highway Patrol & the Maury County Sheriff’s Department, but please be aware there are other agencies who issue traffic citations such as the City of Columbia, the City of Mt. Pleasant, & the City of Spring Hill.

Contact Us

If you have questions please call our office at 931-375-1105.

Court Contact Information

Court Phone Fax 
General Sessions Part I Criminal/Traffic (Columbia)931-375-1105931-375-1114
General Sessions Part I Civil (Columbia)931-375-1112931-375-1115
Circuit Civil931-375-1109931-375-1114
Circuit Criminal931-375-1106931-375-1114
Juvenile Court Part I (Columbia)931-375-1118931-375-1119
Child Support (Columbia)931-375-1111931-375-1114
General Sessions Part II & Juvenile Court (Mt. Pleasant)931-379-3340931-379-4864
 Jury Message  931-388-0738 N/A

Dress Code
If appearing in Circuit, General Sessions or Juvenile Court the following dress code is enforced. No shorts, tank tops or hats will be allowed in the courtroom. Also, no children under the age of 18 are allowed in the courtrooms and cellphone use is prohibited.