Dispatchers’ DeskThe Sheriff’s Department Dispatch Unit is responsible for radio communication for all Department units with the exception of Corrections. The Dispatch Unit receives information in several ways. Incidents can be reported via radio communication from Maury County E-Comm (911), by telephone, email, or initiated from Patrol units throughout the county.

The Dispatch Unit is comprised of a supervising Lieutenant and ten dispatchers. A full-time dispatcher works a corresponding 12-hour shift in conjunction with the day and evening Patrol Units, while two additional dispatchers work as support between 8 a.m. and midnight, Monday through Friday.


Lt. Marcus Albright
Sgt. Richie Hickman
Sgt. Bradley Thompson
Janette Sanchez, TAC
Nikki Hatcher
Amanda Lindsey
Amy McMeen
Crystal Mills
Darci Morris
Rebecca Prince
Corey Ramser
Rebecca Renfro
Hanah Winters