Reserve Unit

The Department’s Reserve Unit is an integral part of maintaining service across the county. Dedicated individuals from all walks of life contribute their time on a volunteer basis, in a wide variety of activities to assist the department and the citizens of Maury County. Whether it’s patrol, special events at the Maury County Park, or taking a child shopping at Christmas, the Reserves can always be counted on to assist in whatever way possible.

If you are interested in the Reserve Unit, please fill out the Personal History Statement (PHS) along with the Application for Officer Certification and Basic Police School Application, which are already attached to PHS. You must also provide the Sheriff's Department with copies of the following documents, some documents may not pertain to you:

Valid TN Driver License
Social Security Card
Birth Certificate
High School Diploma or GED
Trade School Diploma or Certificate
Official College Degree or Transcript
DD214 - Member 4 copy (Military)
Police Academy Certificate
POST Certification Certificate
Training Academy Curriculum & P.O.S.T. Training Records (out-of-state applicants only)

You may drop-off the completed documents or mail to the attention of Brad Collins at 1300 Lawson White Drive in Columbia.

Maury County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Association

Service and Participation

  • The Maury County Reserve Deputies worked 532 hours in December 2022. The estimated cost-savings to the county is $10,485.72 using the starting deputy rate $19.71. 
  • We have 14 active Reserves participating within the Reserve Program.
  • For the month the Reserves made 0 transports, served 2 papers, made 2 arrests, answered 17 calls and assisted in 2 other calls
  • For the year the Maury County Reserve Deputies have served 75 papers, completed 11 transports, made 44 arrests, answered 295 calls and assisted in 69 others. For the year the Reserves have worked 6,108 hours for a total cost savings to Maury County of $120,388.68

Personnel Information and Changes

In the month of December, the reserves assisted the SRO’s with Shop with a Cop. This is one of many programs that are funded with Rodeo proceeds and used by the Reserve Deputies and SROs to help less fortunate children and families in our county.

The reserves also supplied 140 jackets to less fortunate children in our schools.

On December 12th reserve deputy Brad Miller 173 was killed while working a traffic detail on Hwy 43 North near the Hwy 50 exit. Three workers on the scene that day stated that Deputy Miller saved their lives by being there.


The Reserve unit is currently interviewing candidates for open positions in the unit.

Reserve Association 2022 Summary


Service and Participation

  • The Maury County Reserve Deputies worked 6,108 hours in 2022. The annual cost-savings to the county is $120,388.68 using the starting deputy rate $19.71
  • 20 people participated within the Reserve Program in 2022.
  • The Reserve Deputies served 75 papers, completed 11 transports, made 44 arrests, answered 295 calls and assisted in 69 others.  
  • In conjunction with the SROs, the Reserves hosted the 18th annual Maury County Sheriff’s Rodeo. 
     The event was successful with profits totaling $17,000.00 for each organization. 
  • The Reserves helped with traffic control and security at the Mule Day parade and events.
  • Provided security at the Maury County Fair.
  • Helped in distributing meals for the Thanksgiving Baskets.
  • Helped with Shop with a Cop.
  • Assisted CPD with traffic & security for the Christmas Parade.

The Reserves voted and chose to use their funds in this manner:

  1. $9,790 to Volunteer Fire Insurance Service for the Association to provide accidental death, accidental dismemberment and impairment, and disability insurance coverage to its members.
  2. $6,699 to Shop with a Cop Program (in conjunction with SROs).
  3. $2,500 to Thanksgiving Food Baskets (in conjunction with SROs) to Maury County families.
  4. $3,953 to purchase 140 coats for school children (K-12th grade).
  5. $4,000 to the Maury County Cowboy Up Program, which is an intervention program to prevent teenage suicide.
  6. $1,585 to numerous small charitable community projects. 

Budget Notes:  

  1. The 2022 Maury County Budget for the Reserve Association was $24,000.00 and was used entirely to fund required/mandatory law enforcement supplies and training for the reserves. 

Personnel Information and Changes

  • In 2022 six (6) Reserves left the Association. Josh Ragsdale (doesn’t have time), Scott Moseley (doesn’t have time), Bo Harden (doesn’t have time), Chris Lewis (doesn’t have time), Dwight Fautte (retired to travel), and Brad Miller (killed in the line of duty). 
  • In 2022 during the month of December we received six (6) applications as possible replacements for the open positions.
  • We are still short of our full staff of 30 reserves, but are constantly accepting applications for those open   


Reserved Deputies

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  • 157 - 
  • 158 -
  • 159 -
  • 160 
  • 161 -  David Thomas
  • 162 - Ricky Sims
  • 163 - 
  • 164 - 
  • 165 - Charles Mangum
  • 166 - David Graham
  • 167 - Alvin Morrow
  • 168 - 
  • 169 - James Harlan
  • 170 - James Wilson
  • 171 - Greg Lusk
  • 172 - Nathan Popplewell
  • 173 - 
  • 174 -
  • 175 - 
  • 176 - Zac Bakker
  • 177 - 
  • 178 - Peter Varvais
  • 179 - Glenn Brown
  • 180 - 
  • 181 - Brad Horn
  • 182 - 
  • 183 - 
  • 184 - 
  • 185 
  • 186 - 
  • 187 - Collin Henry
  • 188 -