Transport Unit Van

Transport Van

This is the primary vehicle used by the Department of inmate transport. This van is specially equipped with secure compartments to separate inmates while being transported. The vehicle also has a sophisticated camera system that gives officers the ability to monitor the inmates while transporting.

Sheriffs Department Motorcycles


The Maury County Sheriff's Department added two Harley Davidson motorbikes to it's vehicle fleet. The motorbikes are currently assigned to the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. They are equipped with front and rear radar. They can be used for special events like parades, funerals, etc.

Sheriffs Department Polaris Vehicles

Polaris Vehicles

Two Polaris vehicles were purchased with proceeds from the sale of abandoned property that had accumulated over a number of years in our impound lot and with a partial federal grant.

They will be used for large events, such as Mule Day and other festivals. They will also be used as a support vehicle for training and firing range functions, for grounds maintenance needs, search and rescue operations, in severe inclement weather and anytime where any other vehicle in our fleet can not maneuver the terrain.