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Winter 2020-2021 Program Guide

Explore, Learn, & Play! Maury County Parks and Recreation hosts a variety of events, programs, and activities throughout the year. 

Check out our Winter 2020-2021 Program Guide!


Autumn Leaf Suncatcher

Bask in the beauty of fall foliage by brightening up your windows with your very own autumn leaf suncatcher! This kid-friendly activity uses easily attainable materials and found natural objects. 
Autumn Leaf Suncatcher Activity Guide

Moon Map & Viewing Guide

Observe the Moon using our Moon Map and Viewing Guide to see what lunar features you can identity!
Moon Map & Viewing Guide

Art-Venture: Eco Printing

Explore the art of eco-printing by joining us for a beginner-friendly tutorial! Eco-printing creates a perfectly imperfect print of leaves, using the natural pigments, tannins and acids present by combining them with mordants, moisture and heat.
Eco Printing Activity Guide or watch our YouTube Tutorial

Leafy Monster Rocks

(Ages 3+) Give this not-so-spooky activity a try! Using found natural objects, you can fashion your own monster in a variety of ways.
Leafy Monster Rocks Activity Guide or watch our YouTube Tutorial

Echolocation in Action

(Ages 3+) Can you use your senses to navigate like a bat?
Echolocation in Action Activity Guide

Art-Venture: Painting with Soil

Follow along as we create our very own earth pigments using soil, gesso, and water. This is an easy at-home activity for art lovers of all ages!
Art-Venture: Painting with Soil Activity Guide or watch our YouTube Tutorial

Nature Scavenger Hunt

(Ages 3+) What treasures can you find in the wild?
Nature Scavenger Hunt

Pollinator Clothespin Automata

(Ages 5+) Learn about the movement of pollinators as they collect nectar for honey preparation!
Pollinator Clothespin Automata Activity Guide