Mass Gatherings Permit

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When determining whether a Mass Gathering Permit is required, you should ask yourself these THREE questions. If you can answer YES to any of them, then a MASS GATHERING PERMIT is legally required.

  1. Is the event/gathering temporary with an estimated attendance of 600 or more people outdoors, attending simultaneously?
  2. Will the event/gathering result in the temporary closure or inaccessibility of a street, public way, road, highway, boulevard, parkway, lane, alley, service road, viaduct, bridge, sidewalk, or other public rights-of-way?
  3. Are you responsible for operating an event/gathering or the property owner, as specified in the criteria above?

The legislation, linked here, addresses the legality of permits. If a permit is necessary, please pay close attention to the provided form as you complete it. Make sure to read the information in the links where indicated.

Click here to access the Mass Gatherings Permit Form