License Plates

Disabled individuals who are requesting a disabled person license plate or placard will need an Application For Disabled Person License Plate/Placard completed by a physician.  Disabled Person license plates are $54. If permanently confined to wheelchair, license plate is free.

Disabled Person Application

Permanent Disabled Person placards are available for persons with a disability from which they will not recover.  These placards must be renewed every two years. If disabled individual has a vehicle registered in their name, the initial placard is free. If no vehicle is registered in their name, placard is $26.50, renewable every two years for $3.

Temporary Disabled Person placards are available for persons with conditions from which they will recover in a given period of time.  Temporary placard fee is $10 and covers a period of 6 months.  It may be renewed once but the time must run concurrent with the original issuance and must be supported by a new application completed by the physician.